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PAPER CUPS INDIA is a Disposable Paper Cup Manufacturer & Paper Cups Supplier in Mumbai. We started our set up in 2013 and are offering the highest quality of Paper Cups to the Indian and overseas market today.  With over 7 years of experience and commitment to excellence we have attained a huge appreciation of our valued customers and have earned ourselves the reputation as the best Paper Cup Manufacturer in the region.

We manufacture Plain Single layer Paper cups, Customized Paper cups, and we specialize in offering wide range of disposable hot and cold beverage Paper Cups.  We are supplying higher Gsm Paper Cups to cater the hot and cold beverage industry, we also are into supply of Table Tissue Paper, Tissue Paper Rolls, Paper Plates,  and Disposable Forks and Spoons.

Our research and development team take care, that our products are environment friendly and are made using good quality food grade paper  with food grade PE lamination.

As Paper Cup Manucaturers we are equipped with fresh international machines and top of the line amenities, we have streamlined our processes to assure the achievement of maximum possible functional efficiency.




Printing & Cutting

We purchases large rolls of paper, One side of the paper is coated with a plastic material and is meant to make the inner part of the cup. The next step is feeding the roll into a machine for printing designs on the other side of the paper. After the the paper is fed into another machine which cuts the designed paper into small sheets known as Blanks. A single blank makes one piece of the cup. The size of the cup is also determined by the size of the blank.

Cup Forming

The Blank stacks are then fed through the Paper Forming Machine, which rolls the blanks to make a cylindrical shape while at the same time sealing by applying heat on the joint. Another paper is simultaneously being feed to the machine from the far end and is rolled into circles which will be used to make the cup base. At the end of this stage, the cylinders and bases are sealed together to make a complete cup. Sealing is done through a heating process.

Formation of Rim and Packing

The already made cups are moved to another machine using a chute. This machine is used to form the rim of the cup by rolling the paper on its top. After this, the cups are sent for packaging, where they are put into tubes of the cup sizes forming stacks. A single stack should carry a certain number of cups as per customers requirement. Such a package is ready for shipment.

Leakage Testing

Rarely there is leakage in paper cups. The cups are randomly taken from the line of production for testing. In case any leak is detected, the particular line of production is stopped until the problem is detected and corrected.


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